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Soups & Starters

Soup of the day
(soup offer which changes every day)
€ 4,90

Soup foam pumkin with coconut top
€ 6,90

Soup of Carrots, fennel with pearls of green pepper
€ 6,50

Carpaccio of beef marinated with olive oil ans lemon served with parmesan,
roeasted pine nuts, two deep – fried quail eggs and rucola
€ 13,90

Tomato duet, rucola and argentinean pink shrimps


Vegetarian Dishes

Persian lentils soup with raisin yoghurt

Herbage omeletts filled with mushrooms and lentils
€ 11,90

Baked bean – potatoe balls on a carpaccio of zucchini and tomato



Couscous salad with lime and cardamom
€ 12,90 or small € 8,90

Pumpkin – snow pea ragout, paprika and marinated bean curd



Salt potatoes with homemade stained salmon and crèmé fraîche with herbs
€ 10,90

“Westerwälder Krüstchen” with bacon, fried egg on a toast with salad
€ 9,90



Pork filet medaillons “Dubarry” on roasted sweet potatoe croquettes, half dried cherry tomatoes and parsley
€ 24,90

Saddle of lamb on a mousse of nutmeg pumkin, date relish and price patty
€ 27,90

Beef fillet medaillons at bean – potato coins and cinnamon perfumed carrots
€ 29,50

Short marinaded salomon with safron risotto, celery and a tomato foam
€ 23,50

Duck breast aromatized with vanilla and coffee, 5 kinds of vegetables and potato mousseline
€ 25,50

“Schlemmer pan” with chicken breast, fillet of pork, rump steak and sauce chasseur, fresh fried vegetables, homemade spaetzle and a small salad
€21,80 / non rump steak € 18,80


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